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Richmond Masonry brings its finest craftsmanship to the art of residential masonry. Its residential projects are some of its most intimate, creative and significant. Richmond Masonry realizes the importance of creating an environment that reflects the character, uniqueness and desires of its client while also paying special attention to their practical needs. From subtle and elegant to eye-catching, lavish designs, Richmond Masonry works with Architects, contractors and homeowners to customize every project to their distinct taste.

Cambridge Pavers

Historical Restoration

Richmond Masonry is committed to preserving the authenticity of Richmond Area communities through the fine art of historical restoration. From the Victorian homes to the treasured historical monuments, the Richmond Area is saturated with a rich architectural history that makes the Area unique. Richmond Masonry has worked on some of the most prominent residential estates and historical sites and applies its expertise in duplicating an authentic replica of the original structural design. 

historical restoration
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